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Monday thru Saturday 
12:00 noon until 10:00 pm

12:00 noon until 8:00 pm


A Tradition of Excellence

Timeless Tattoo has been a part of the Atlanta community since 1995. Cap Szumski has developed a reputation for maintaining the highest professional standards of conduct and skill.

Timeless Tattoo utilizes autoclave sterilization and practices single needle use for all customers. The shop affords an open atmosphere though it is equipped with private booths. Bring your own design for custom artwork, or peruse the thousands of "flash" (sample) designs that paper the walls of the studio.

Appointments are accepted with a deposit. Walk-in business is always welcome. We accept Cash, Visa and MasterCard. Gift Certificates are available.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to eMail, call, or stop by the shop.